Eyebrow Treatment

Eyebrow Treatment / Restoration

The process of eye brow transplantation done to restore the missing under growing or thin eye brow hairs. On account of Genetics excessive plucking, illness, thyroid burns. It involves taking the hairs from the scalp area and then transplanting these hairs to the the required areas in the eyebrows. These hairs then continue to grow for a lifetime and need to be trimmed once in a month.

AHHT understand how much precision it requires for expert to place the hair within a small region without any shortage or excess hair to provide best and natural looking result.

The hair have to be placed at a consistent distance from one another which makes it a though task for the professionals. The new advanced technique for eyebrow transplant involves no pain no scars and very low investment. And proves to be quite stable over time unlike any other surgical treatment. This is a permanent solution for eyebrow rectification which is done one time and the result can be enjoyed forever. Eyebrow transplant is done on the basis of your face shape.