Q. What is hair transplantation ?

In hair transplantation we extract hair roots from donor area which is situated on the back side of the head and these hair roots are planted on to the bald area.

Q. How is hair transplantation done ?

There are two ways of hair transplantation :

  • Strip Technique or FUT – It involves cutting your scalp skin and then stiching it and taking out the grafts from that strip and then they are inserted into the bald area.
  • FUE – It involves extracting grafts one by one from the donor area and then implants these grafts on to the bald area.

Q. What is AHTT ?

In our technique we harvest a maximum of 500 to 700 grafts and these are implanted immediately with our unique implanters. This leads to less than 30 minutes of environmental exposure to the grafts, which ensures the vitality of the grafts and its a minimally invasive technique. Without any cut or stiches and no scars or pain and minimall bliding and no side effects.

Q. What happens to the extracted area ? Does the hair grow back again ?

The hair that has been extracted doesn’t grow again but the total number of hair still remains the same, we just manipulate the number of hair in preferred locations to give you a fuller look.

Q. What about my existing hair ? Will they fall off ?

Your existing is always under the effect of DHT therefore they are prone to fall off. It is adviced that you start modifications for your existing hair. So that they are preserved and don’t fall.

Q. Is Hair Transplantation a common procedure?

It has been and remains the most common cosmetic procedure for men worldwide for more than 40 years. During this time it has seen remarkable advances in the aesthetic results. Present day grafts produce the best natural appearance so far achieved.

Q. Is the transplanted hair permanent?

Yes, because the genetic code of permanence is in the hair root. And since the hair roots come from that permanent rim of donor hair at the back and sides of the head, the hair that issues from those roots is permanent.

Q. Do i need rest after hair transplantation not required?

Not required you can resume your work immediately after hair transplation.

Q. What is the FUE Hair Transplant Procedure?

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction, was first performed many years ago.

Q. How can I determine if a surgeon is right for me ?

Most surgeons develop a reputation for skills in particular procedures. This is gained from experience. As the old adage says ‘there is no substitute for experience’.

Q. Who should perform the procedure?

As with any surgery, even relatively minor operations such as this, the operator should be well trained in the procedure itself. Also, the greater the experience of the surgeon, the more likely you should be able to rely upon his/her judgment of the management of your hair loss.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum age for the hair transplantation?

21 to 65 years age.

Q. What is stem cell therapy / auto cloning?

Current stem cell therapy give least results as per recent studies and they are expensive too.
Auto cloning is in its infency stage not providing results more than 6 to 8%.