AHTT Instant Tansfer Technique

AHTT Instant Transfer Technique

In our technique we harvest individual folicular units from the donor area situated at the back and sides with automated extractors, these grafts / folicular units are of the best quality are then instantly transfer to your recipient area with an accurate direction and angulation to give you the most natural result.

We harvest a maximum of 500 to 700 grafts and these are implanted immediately with our unique implanters. These leads to less then 30 minutes of environmental exposure to the grafts, which ensures the vitality of the grafts is 100% preserved.

Minimally Invasive Technique

  • 100% yield of grafts
  • No manual handling of grafts
  • Grafs stay outside the body for a very short or negligible time maximizing graft survival
  • No slits or wholes are created for implantation
  • No cuts
  • We implant by our unique implanters which helps in achieving maximum density
  • This technique is minimally invasive without any cut or stiches and no scars or pain and minimal bleeding with no side effects
  • No rest required you can resume your duties immediately
  • No recovery time
  • Qualified and trained doctors
  • Best price guaranteed.