PRP / Meso Therapy

PRP (Platellete Rich Plasma) / Meso Therapy

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

We harvest 50cc of your venous blood out of which we seperate Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). The PRP is than activated to enhance its growth factor abilities and this PRP is then injected into the scalp.

Its Feature :

  • It helps in the growth of the miniturised hair
  • It prevents hair fall
  • It improves the texture of hair


Mestherapy is a non invasive technique based on super ficial micro injections just below the appydermis. The solution injected contain a wide range of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, nucleic acids and co-enzymes that can be tailored to each patients individual needs. Mesotherapy brings just the right materials to the exact place where it is needed (around the hair follicle) so that

Its Feature :

  • The hair follicle can grown and survive
  • The excess of DHT (Di Hydro Testostrone) is neutrilized
  • The blood circulation is stimulated