About Us

Who we are

AHTT stand for advanced hair transplant technique. This is the most advanced technique in hair transplant. This technique is slightly time consuming but more result oriented.

In this technique we harvest 500- 700 graft at a time and implant them immediately with our unique implantation technique. “We are the best hair transplant center in Delhi as well as best hair care treatment in Delhi.” “We are the cheapest hair transplant in Delhi.”

Salient Features

  • Automated Extractors
  • No manual handling of Graft
  • 100% yield Of Graft
  • Small Punches resulting in no scarring of donor area
  • No slits or holes are created for implantation
  • No cuts
  • Advanced implanters used for Implantation
  • Maximum density achieved for Implantation
  • No rest required, you can resume your work immediately